Monday, March 09, 2009

Architectural Calendar Goes Postal - Is It Good for You?

A really dedicated reader who goes by the name of postal has actually gone to all the trouble of making the March, 2009 Calendar of Architectural Events available in the Google calendar format, which you can access here. Once there, you can import individual events into your own Google calendar.

postal also put the calendar into ics format . . .
. . . so you can import it en masse into your own Google calendar, or into iCal or, possibly, Outlook 2007. (If anyone does the Outlook import successfully, let me know.) In iCal, of course, it can be placed in its own calendar or integrated with one that already exists. You can download the ics formatted calendar here.

My thanks to postal. for taking the substantial amount of time it took to create these calendars. It's deeply appreciated.

Now I'm looking to you, dear readers, to let me know whether this is a feature you would like to see with each month's calendar.


Anonymous said...

Yes! This is a super smart addition to the site and an easy way for readers to keep the events and dates in mind. Thanks, postal.

Matt Maldre said...

Yes! I love this. I wish more sites would offer their events as a google calendar. It makes it so much easier to add events to my calendar.

People are using calendars on their computer more and more now, and organizations need to realize that they are much better off if they offer their events in a format that makes it easy for people to add to their calendar.

Great job. Please please continue to offer this calendar in this google/ical format.

Anonymous said...

this is great. It saves me loads of time. I was able to import into Outlook through the Google Calendar Sync feature.

Jibba said...

I was going to spend all of the time to do this same task myself, but, thankfully, someone has put in all of the hard work already! Thanks a bunch, postal!

Now, let us all do postal's efforts proud and get involved in the Chicago architectural community and attend these wonderful events.