Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Joe Valerio at Night - and at CAF today at 12:15

The former site of a loft warehouse, 161 West Kinzie, designed by architect Joe Valerio of Valerio Dewalt Train, is now under construction where only a subsurface parking lot, framed with fragments of the old loft's walls, had survived for years.

Farther north, there's Staybridge, Chicago's first staggered truss building, which looks like the world's largest tent now that it's been hermetically sealed after the collapse of funding put construction on hiatus.

Valerio will discuss both these projects, along with his 1401 South State Apartments, at a lecture at the Chicago Architecture Foundation today, Wednesday, March 4th, at 12:15 p.m., 224 South Michigan.

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Anonymous said...

Will intelligent massing every come to Chicago? Must every f'ing building now consist of a butt-ugly parking podium and be maxed out to property lines? In a city full of gray and black glass, does this building add anything new? Why are curves considered bad design now unless Helmut Jahn designs them?