Sunday, March 01, 2009

Bucky, Pecha Kucha, Valerio, Garofalo, Mies Music, Friedman, the "L", Ross Barney, Goldberger's Wright - Chicago Architectural Events: On The March!

Where do you stand on human cloning? You better be pro - or possess multiple personalities - if you have any hope of keeping up with the over 60 architecture-related events on Chicago's March calendar.

The logjam begins on Tuesday with the 100th presenter at Pecha Kucha Chicago, with a roster that includes Dan Wheeler, AIC's Duke Reiter, landscape architect Peter Osler and cartographer Dennis McClendon. And then it just never stops.

Architects: How about Joe Valerio taking about Staybridge and 161 West Kinzie for CAF, Carol Ross Barney on the Jewish Reconstructionist Synagogue and Levy Senior Center for AIA Chicago, Doug Garofalo at Archework's winter open house, Pappageorge/Haymes' Jeff Renterghem on Museum Park and Central Station. Paul Preissner talks about his new show at MCA with UIC's Robert Somol. And the dead guys aren't forgotten either. Frank Lloyd Wright is discussed by New Yorker architecture critic Paul Goldberger at Unity Temple, there's Mie's 123rd birthday party, and a Chicago Chamber Musician's performing Gabrieli and Beethoven at Crown Hall and Carr Chapel. And the really big show is MCA's Buckminster Fuller retrospective, with daughter Allegra Fuller Snyder talking about her dad among the exhibition-related events.

Want academics? There's UIC's Robert Bruegman and Harvard's K. Michael Hays at UIC, Larry Beasley's Dream for a True Urbanism in Abu Dhabi at CAF, and archeologist Geoff Emberling on the World's Earliest Cities for APA Chicago. Developers? Richard A. Hanson of Mesa Development talking about The Heritage and the Legacy for CAF, and King of River North Albert Friedman at a Crain's Chicago Business forum.

More? Graham Garfield talks about the "L" for Landmarks Illinois, Benet Haller on the Chicago Central Area Plan Six Years Later for Friends of Downtown. A full range of informative programs at the Chicago Center for Green Technology. Kate Stohr talks about Architecture for Humanity at MCA. Plus this year's edition of the Chicago Modernism Show and Sale.

And if you're really desperate, I will again be inflicting myself on unsuspecting onlookers with a Saturday, March 14 gallery talk for my exhibition Booms Towns! Chicago Architects Design New Worlds, resurrected at CAF through May 1st.

It's enough to make your head explode. Fire up your datebook, and check it all out here.


Anonymous said...

How about creating this calender in Google Calender and making it public? That way we could import it into our own calendars.

Lynn Becker said...

Oh, god, even more work? But it's an interesting idea. I'll have to experiment with this. Thanks for the suggestion.

Anonymous said...

HAHAHA - I just sent you one more!!

postal said...

you are right... you do too much... thank you for being a terrific critic and observer for chicago. such I present to you... your calendar googlified! Huzzah! My work was a simple cut & paste job compared to your consistent dedication to our fair city.

The link:

For those of you that would like to overlap it with your google calendars:

and the xml link:

ok, so, you can import this calendar into other calendars etc. i'm always missing an event i was meaning to attend and checking archchi+ a day late. there are a couple drawbacks, links aren't all that good, and pictures are a no go, (yet.) Hopefully, that can be worked out and a google calendar can look as good as the original archchi+ calendar page.

let me know if there are any broken links!

and lynn, seriously, thanks. I enjoy your blog everyday.