Monday, March 25, 2013

Photos from Richard H. Driehaus Award Ceremony

Some photos from Saturday's ceremony at the John B. Murphy Auditorium at which the 2013 Richard H. Driehaus Award at the University of Notre Dame was awarded to architect Thomas Beeby.

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Richard Driehaus
Demetri Porphyrios
Leon Krier
architectural historian David Watkin receives the 2013 Henry Hope Reed award from Dean of the Notre Dame School of Architecture Michael Lykoudis and Richard Driehaus
a new painting by Carl Laubin depicting work of Driehaus Prize Laureates
Thomas Beeby receives the 2013 Driehaus Award
Read: Master of Tradition: Thomas H. Beeby Receives 2013 Driehaus Award.

And speaking of classicism, here's a preview of what we're working on, a photograph of the original Sears Tower, as seen through the 1906 Pergola of the Sears complex at Homan and Arthington . . .
. . . the brick and terra cotta architecture of Tuscany naturally suggested itself as appropriate with such restrained use of brick patterns and terra cotta decoration as would be consistent.  Furthermore, the use of terra cotta decoration suggested the addition of color for backgrounds to accent such decoration.  Consequently, the lunettes and frieze of the Merchandise Tower are of glazed blue terra cotta; also the backgrounds of the book marks which decorate the Printing Building and the discs of the Power House are of white and blue glazed terra cotta.

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