Friday, March 01, 2013

Red Swing Under the L - Bit of Venice Biennale to come to Chicago: March 6th deadline to submit for Spontaneous Interventions

 At last year's edition of the Venice Biennale, the theme of the U.S. pavilion was SpontaneousInterventions: Design Actions for the Common Good.  It showcased 124 projects of ‘interventionist urbanism . . . lighter, quicker, cheaper . . . as alternative recession-era approaches to urban revitalization.’

These includes the Red Swing Project that you see at the top of this post, “. . . started by a group of architecture students in Austin.  The original red swing was made for $2 with a single piece of wood and retired rock climbing rope.  Since, nearly 200 red swings have appeared around the globe, from Haiti to Poland, India, Brazil . . . ”
Another project, Yarnbombing, has set knitting groups across the globe to creating such unique urban cosies as the one you see here, with Artuto Di Modica's iconic Charging Bull on Wall Street waking up one day to what is usually a nightmare confined to housepets:  “Look, I've made you a sweater!”

You can check out the entire gallery of some really cool concepts here. The Venice Biennale exhibition is scheduled to come to Chicago in May, at a still undisclosed location, and the curators - including Cathy Lang Ho, David van der Lear, and Ned Cramer - are looking for
. . . new projects—urban interventions realized in U.S. cities in the past two years—with an emphasis on Chicago and Midwest projects. The exhibition will be on view through Summer 2013.

Architects, designers, planners, artists and citizens who have realized an intervention in a U.S. city—and in particular, in Chicago and the Midwest—in the past 2 years (2011 or 2012) are encouraged to submit PDFs of their projects by midnight (EST) Wednesday, March 6 to be considered for inclusion in the Chicago exhibition.
So block out your weekend,  stock up the fridge with Red Bull, and check out the full project criteria and submission requirements here.
Harvest Dome, by SLO Architecture, made of storm-snapped umbrellas.

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Matt Maldre said...

Oh yeah! It's cool to see the red swing under the CTA L tracks. I blogged about the red swing under a bus shelter:

And I'm glad to see Artuto Di Modica's Charging Bull. A couple years ago I wanted the Art Institute Lions to get yarnbombed.

Please excuse the links to my blog, but I just get excited to see other people's public art projects that I love.