Friday, September 14, 2012

dasHaus lectures, Lai, Millet, Dick Higgins collaborates (posthumously) with Chicago Police for The Thousand Symphonies - more for September

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Next Friday, September 21st, Das Haus, a traveling pavilion from Germany that demonstrates state-of-the-art technologies in building construction and solar energy use, makes its way to Daley Plaza for a ten day run.  In conjunction, with the installation, there's a series of lectures which we've just added to the September Calendar of Chicago Architectural Events.  On Friday, the 21st, the Passive House Alliance Chicago offers an Introduction to Passive House, at the Hafele America Chicago showroom, and at Lunchtime on the 24th, Katrin Klilngenberg talks about 10 Years of Passive House in the U.S. at the Goethe Institute, among other events.

On Thursday, September 18th, 7:00 at the Graham, a chamber ensemble will play a new version of Fluxus artist Dick Higgins' The Thousand Symphonies.  Four Chicago Police officers were enlisted to create the composition by blasting notes onto music paper with machine guns.  The work was originally created by Higgins in 1968 as a non-destructive use of guns for purposes "other than killing Viet Cong and scattering protesters."  The performance will be preceded by a short film documenting the creation of the Chicago composition.

photo: Jyoti Srivastava
Next week, we also have Jimenez Lai offering a "quasi-reading" from his new book Citizens of No Place at the Graham on Monday,  and architect Patricia Patkau at the Art Institute on Tuesday.  Wednesday finds Thomas Leslie at CAF lunchtime, and Vincent James and Jennifer Yoos of VJAA at IIT in evening.  On Thursday, the 20th, David Van Zanten talks about The Work of Louis Julien Millet at Second Presbyterian Church.

And those are just the highlights.  We still have over three dozen great items still to come, so check them all out on the September Calendar of Chicago Architectural Events.

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