Sunday, September 09, 2012

Obama and Romney: They are NOT the same.

Fear Not, Dear Readers.  ArchitectureChicago Plus is not becoming an architectural blog.  However, we are entering one of the most important Presidential elections in our lifetimes.  And so I'll be adding my two cents on some key issues.  I recognize, however, that politics is a divisive topic, and so I've created a second blog for all future posts, Election 2012:  The New Feudalism vs. American Democracy. To those of you who are interested, I hope you'll follow me there.
You may find the title of this post strange.  Surely, there has seldom been so clear a choice as the one presented to voters in this year's Presidential election . . .

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Anonymous said...

"ArchitectureChicago Plus is not becoming an architectural blog" oh?

Anonymous said...

Thank you for keeping that stuff elsewhere.

How's architectural preservation going in Greece these days, now that they've run out of borrowed money and can't pay state employees?